Payment terminal
More convenience when paying warning fines
Have you ever had to pay a warning fine to the NRW police? This is now faster and more convenient in NRW. The remittance slips (payment slips) that you used to receive will be replaced.

The payment terminals on the patrol cars now print out so-called payment requests for the warning fine procedure, which replace the payment slips. This new function is now available in all district police authorities. The devices across the country have received the new software in an extensive update.


What's new

In addition to a brief explanation, the new payment requests contain all the important information you need to transfer the fine:

Name of the recipient
Bank details (IBAN and BIC)
Intended purpose


Girocode (QR code)

For an even faster and more convenient payment method, the printouts also contain a giro code. This is a QR code that can be scanned with your banking app. The QR code automatically transfers all data to the electronic transfer form: Recipient, IBAN, BIC, amount and purpose.


What remains

However, despite all the progress: if you wish, you can still go to your bank with your payment request and make the transfer there in the traditional way or have it made there or make it yourself in your bank's online portal.

What also remains is the option of paying your fine directly on site to the police enforcement officers at the mobile terminal using a debit card or credit card. You do not agree with your fine? Then, as always, misdemeanor proceedings will be initiated.

Citizens have no longer been able to pay NRW police fines in cash since the introduction of the cashless payment system in 2003. This is not changing either.

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110