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Caution "blind spot"
In a video, the NRW police warn schoolchildren about the dangers of the "blind spot" and give important tips for correct behavior in road traffic.
Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Many schoolchildren are on the roads in NRW. They are particularly at risk as cyclists and pedestrians. The police show this in a video about the dangers of the "blind spot" and provide important tips for the behavior of schoolchildren in road traffic.

Truck drivers are particularly afraid of this phenomenon - the "blind spot". Despite "wide-angle exterior mirrors", which have been mandatory for new truck registrations since 2007 in accordance with EU Directive 2007/38/EC, some areas are not visible to the driver. This is a particular challenge for truck drivers.

The consequences of road accidents are often severe. As weaker road users, cyclists and pedestrians have no protective crumple zone.

The police advise:

  • Stop behind a truck and keep your distance.
  • Wait until the truck has turned off.

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