Minister Reul at the training of the special units
Special units in extreme situations
Their everyday work includes hostage-taking, kidnappings, extortion and threatening situations. The protection of hostages, threatened persons and abductees always has top priority.

The special units (SE) are deployed for the professional management of the most difficult conflict situations and for the arrest of armed, particularly violent criminals. Whenever specially trained and equipped task forces are required for access and protection measures, observation and search measures as well as for negotiation and support. Interior Minister Herbert Reul visited the training ground in Hemer to find out about the work of the SE. "For the police officers in the special units, extreme situations such as hostage-taking and threatening situations are part of their everyday work. They showed me today in an impressive way just how hard they train for these emergencies every day," says Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul.

The SE of the NRW police includes the special task forces (SEK), the mobile task forces (MEK), the negotiation groups (VG) and the technical task forces (TEG).

Special task forces (SEK)

SEK are used to carry out access and protection measures against armed or particularly violent offenders/disturbers. Due to the special equipment and specialization functions, for example as a precision marksman or explosives technician, time-consuming advanced training and courses are required.

Mobile task forces (MEK)

MEKs are used in particular to carry out surveillance and search operations. Further training and courses are held regularly, particularly in the areas of observation, operational tactics, access and intervention techniques, shooting, photo and video technology and driving and safety training.

Negotiation groups (VG)

The VG specializes in talking to offenders and providing police support for people in exceptional psychological situations. This requires a special degree of social competence and teamwork skills as well as special training and intensive training in areas such as communication models and communication techniques and negotiation tactics.

Technical task forces (TEG)

TEGs carry out technical-operational measures in particular, such as acoustic and optical reconnaissance and the use of access and distraction technology. TEG police officers have special technical skills and receive regular training in areas such as computer and network technology as well as audio, video and tracking technology.

With the special units at the police headquarters in Bielefeld, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Cologne and Münster as well as at the State Office of Criminal Investigation, the NRW police have highly qualified specialists at their disposal. Their operations are coordinated by the coordination office for the special units at the State Office for Central Police Services (LZPD NRW).

Police officers with several years of practical experience in the security service, investigation service and riot police can apply for the special units. A high degree of mental and physical resilience as well as flexibility in the organization of duties is required.

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