Two young women take a selfie together. Above them are social media icons such as emojis, hearts and thumbs up. A brick wall can be seen in the background.
Using social media safely
Your life is online. Protect it.
Social media offers endless possibilities, but also contains a number of dangers. Being aware of this helps you to use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & Co. safely.
Sensitive data
The prevention campaign "Make your password strong!" by the LKA NRW ensures greater data security on the Internet.
The publication of personal data exposes and discredits those affected. It is therefore important that everyone protects themselves from being spied on.
Digital attacks
and sexual assaults
Prevention tips for parents, children and young people
Mean words, insults and slander in the virtual world are on the rise.
Criminals threaten to publish compromising videos or photos of their victims during a chat or by email. The perpetrators thus reach the most personal area of the victim's life.
Minister Reul: "Concentrated power against child pornography"
Social media "mouthpiece"
A reservoir for false reports, conspiracy and hate
In social media and messenger services
Hate posts on social media platforms are consistently prosecuted instead of just being deleted. The "Prosecute instead of just deleting" initiative takes perpetrators out of anonymity in order to counter racist propaganda. Together with the public prosecutor's office in Cologne (ZAC NRW), the NRW police are taking action against hate crime. Since the project was launched, many media outlets have joined the initiative against hate speech online.
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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110