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No tolerance for banned motor vehicle races
Time and again, races lead to serious accidents. Sometimes they even end fatally. To combat illegal motor vehicle racing, the NRW police rely on consistent intervention, exhausting all legal possibilities.

The NRW police initiate criminal proceedings as soon as there is an initial suspicion of participation in illegal road racing. The zero-tolerance strategy applies here. People who endanger the lives of bystanders by speeding in road traffic are consistently prosecuted by the police, exhausting all legal possibilities. Since the introduction of the criminal offense § 315d StGB "Prohibited motor vehicle racing" in 2017, the number of offenses recorded by the police in North Rhine-Westphalia has risen by 585 percent to date. In connection with prohibited motor vehicle racing, the NRW police investigated 2037 cases in 2021.


Illegal car racing is a major issue for the police in North Rhine-Westphalia. Hardly a day goes by without a race or reckless action being detected.
Prohibited car racing should also be a topic in the classroom. The NRW police have therefore developed an exciting and high-quality teaching concept that can be integrated into traffic accident prevention work at secondary level 1 (year 10) and secondary level 2/upper school.
"Accidents only happen to other people" is a common misconception among young novice drivers. With the educational concept for driving schools, the NRW police are presenting a prevention concept for this target group for the first time.
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