Commissioner candidates on their way to the appointment ceremony
NRW police introduce supplementary test as part of the minimum size regulation
Individual performance is examined in particular

A minimum height of 1.63 m is still required for recruitment to the police service in NRW.

In future, applicants who are less than 1.63 m tall will be given the opportunity to take an individual test to prove that their shorter height does not restrict them from carrying out essential police duties. This test procedure is being developed with the Cologne Sport University according to scientific standards.

With a successfully completed sports science test, which checks and ensures the necessary physical requirements with a view to the full and appropriate performance of police duties, applicants under 1.63 m tall will now also have access to the regular multi-stage selection procedure for recruitment to the NRW police force.

The test enables applicants to prove that they are capable of meeting the exceptional physical demands of the police service despite being below the minimum height requirement.

"We are delighted that we will be introducing a sports science test procedure that will enable applicants below the minimum height requirement to join the NRW police force, while at the same time taking uncompromising account of the high physical and health demands placed on police officers in their daily work."

The required minimum height of 1.63 m is not a "gut feeling", but the well-founded result of the sum of all current surveys, arguments and scientific findings. Police officers must be able to rely on the skills of their colleagues, especially in an emergency. Appropriate physical fitness is therefore an indispensable contribution to greater protection, safety and health for our police officers in the field.


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