AIRBUS H145 police helicopter
Most modern helicopter in the world: H145 alarm helicopter
With the AIRBUS H145, the state of NRW has the most modern police helicopter currently available on the world market. High-tech on board provides valuable support, especially at night.

Since 2017, the police flight squadron has been using six AIRBUS H145 helicopters. With its two turbines, each generating a maximum output of 1072 hp, the H145 reaches a speed of 260 km/h and can stay in the air for up to three hours.

In addition to future-proofing thanks to the integrated computer system, flight safety was the most important aspect in the decision to procure the new helicopter. Two extremely powerful engines, which, in the event of an engine failure, enable the helicopter to either continue its flight or land safely in any flight situation, play a key role in this.


High-tech on board

Despite their high engine power of over 2,000 hp, the helicopters are quieter and consume significantly less fuel than their predecessors. The cockpit of the H 145 is equipped with a sophisticated flight management system and state-of-the-art communication technology. A digital cockpit (Helionix) with visual and acoustic cues and an autopilot reduce the crew's workload and allow them to focus more intensively on the police mission and safe flight execution (especially at night).

The heart of the H145 alarm helicopter is its electro-optical system with various camera systems and infrared sensors. In addition to image recording and transmission in HD quality, these also enable images to be displayed in the infrared range. The sensor technology is so sensitive that even temperature differences of 0.02 degrees can be detected and displayed as a visible heat signature for the human eye, for example to assist in the search for evidence. With the camera's 60x optical zoom, people and objects can be detected even at distances of several kilometers without the helicopter being immediately noticed. With the image transmission system in the helicopter, these images can be transmitted in real time to command staff and control centers, where they can be used to assess the situation.


Valuable support, especially at night

Due to the H145's special equipment, 45% of missions are now carried out in the dark or at night, and the trend is rising. With its high-performance sensors, the helicopter can really come into its own in the dark and provides valuable support for colleagues on the ground, as evidenced by over 100 successful missions in 2019 alone. The pilots fly the helicopter at night with image intensifier goggles, which amplify the minimal residual light by a factor of 100,000 and thus enable visual flight even in complete darkness.

The helicopter squadron of the NRW police flies an average of over 2,000 missions a year - mainly searches for missing persons and search missions. The NRW helicopter squadron is stationed at Düsseldorf and Dortmund airports and is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From their bases, the helicopters can be anywhere in the country within 30 minutes at the latest. The H 145 is optimally equipped for its future missions: With thermal imaging cameras and high-resolution video imaging systems, high-performance spotlights and a so-called fast-roping system for rapid abseiling for special forces from the air.


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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110