Information on the right of assembly

Anybody intending to organize a public assembly in the open air or a procession (such as demonstrations, vigils) must notify the district administrator as the district police authority at least 48 hours before the invitation (Section 10 (1) sentence 1 of the NRW Assembly Act)


A meeting within the meaning of the law is a local gathering of at least three people for a communal discussion or demonstration aimed primarily at participating in the formation of public opinion. Popular festivals and entertainment events as well as events that merely serve to display an attitude to life therefore do not fall under the definition of an assembly.

The police will advise you as the organizer on the details of the assembly. In the event of ambiguities or more extensive planning requirements, you will be invited by the police to a cooperation meeting in which ambiguities can be clarified together and any problems solved.


Depending on the type and scope of your assembly, you must also expect to be subject to conditions, e.g. the provision of stewards to ensure order within the assembly. The assembly can also be banned or dissolved if, according to the circumstances, public safety is directly endangered during the assembly.

Please use the form available for download here for your notification.


Please complete and sign this form and send it to:


The district administrator of the Rhine district of Neuss
as the district police authority
Jülicher Landstraße 178
41464 Neuss
Fax: 02131 300-20259

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Department Central Tasks - Weapons and Assembly: Phone: 02131 300-0

Your district police authority in the Rhine district of Neuss

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110